C.K McClatchy’s tragic fall to Dixon on Homecoming Night

Third place, sports writing

The C.K McClatchy football team met their defeat in the Homecoming matchup against Dixon High School 20-6. September 20th, 2019, McClatchy students and Legions gathered at Hughes Stadium for the annual Homecoming game. This year the Lions faced off against Dixon High School of Dixon.

Legions wore white to a game they named a “white out game”. Most of the school student, staff, and alumni had high hopes for the Lions. The Lions had a rough season thus far, with a 0-2 win-loss record.

Right before the Varsity face off, the Junior Varsity team, undefeated so far, scored a touchdown the last second before the buzzer, to win by one point, 14-13. This energized the crowd right before the big Varsity homecoming game. The start of the game was pretty slow, with both team’s defenses holding their line. The Rams broke off the slow pace game with their first touchdown of the night right before the end of the first quarter. With a kick, Dixon ended the first quarter 7-0.

McClatchy’s crowd held out hope and their cheers grew louder to support the Lions on the field. The Lions threw baby powder which tends to be a tradition at white out games after chanting “I believe that we will win”

The second quarter continued at the same pace. Defense held the line for as long as they can before Dixon scored another touchdown and field goal. This put Dixon in the far lead, 14-0. The crowd still big and hopeful was holding on to a prospect of winning. Flags continued to fly and Legions continued to chant way into Halftime. Halftime homecoming festivities took place during the break in between the haves such as cheerleader performances.

The second half started even slower than the first. McClatchy started to clench their teeth hoping for one touchdown to put them in a better position to win. The quarter ended with no scores by either team. There was still time to gather back some points and win. 12 minutes left on the clock, which is barely enough time to get back enough points to either tie or win. Dixon scored a touchdown without a field goal of 6 points bringing the score to 20-0.

#2, Jr. Armendariz (‘20) scored the Lions first touchdown of the night in his run with the pass from #9 Jaden Calhoun(‘21). This put McClatchy up by six. The whole stadium erupted in cheers that can be heard from miles away. Many minutes after the score, the stadium has yet to settle with the celebration that put us on the board.

The final score being 20-6 nailed the end of the game for the Lions and Rams. The Rams game play is something to be admired and learned from. The matchup came up short for the Lions but in the end, Homecoming is about fun and even with a lost, the game brought cheer to the students of McClatchy on their Homecoming night.