Animal Crossing offers calm for teens in quarantine

New Horizons games gives players an outlet

It is in these stressful times that many, young and old, are seeking peace and calm in their life. A place where normal life is a constant. Well, how about a deserted island getaway?

Released on March 20, in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) offers a way to reduce anxiety, accomplish goals, and socialize with friends and family alike. 

Though ACNH is only available on the Nintendo Switch, there are other versions of the game for mobile and other consoles. In Animal Crossing, a player can open a world of lovable quirky characters each with unique personalities. As you play more you unlock more features and discover more of your island as your skills become more advanced.  

During these uncertain times, many are thrown off by the constant pressure of the media and financial hurdles. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a way to escape these pressures and have a moment to yourself. The pleasant music and easygoing tone of the game help players relax and forget world problems. 

ACNH is also a place to socialize with your in-game villagers or real-life friends that you can invite to each other’s islands. This helps to ease the feeling of isolation for many and give players a chance to talk to others while also sharing an experience. 

Just by scrolling down social media you can read several posts from people and there SO’s going on museum dates or even having Animal Crossing weddings. 

Recently I’ve joined several Facebook groups for ACNH which bring forth the even bigger aspect of community. Many in the group host raffles for other players or offer DIY construction for items other players may not have. Some share their personal experiences, such as the aforementioned dates,  and the relief this game has brought them. 

This game can be easily incorporated into your daily life and can also allow you to be able to start a healthy routine. Change your outfit or style, participate in a turnip-based stock market, or buy more furniture– you get to choose! 

With having these options available you can replace some of the daily activities you would normally do in a more laid-back digital world, like shopping and visiting others, giving back the feeling of security.

This is especially important due to the world’s current state. While to some it is “just a game,” to others it is a method of survival during these difficult times.

Take time to care for your mental health and stay safe!