Parental control apps like Life360 an invasion of privacy

Parents see putting safety over privacy

Mia van de Heetkamp, C.K McClatchy High School

Like many other teenagers in this day and age, I have a Life360 on my phone-a popular tracking app that allows parents to see the location of their children at all times.

Most parents have it as a safety measure-in case their child is in danger, they’re able to know where they are. It also allows parents to see how fast their children are driving.

Parents choose to track their kids by making the decision that safety is more important than privacy. They say that their children should be telling them where they are anyway, and that they shouldn’t be anywhere different.

However, the safety aspect is questionable. Though the idea of knowing your child’s location and driving speed sounds good in theory, in practice it doesn’t turn out as well.

Because the tracker is on their phone, kids often just leave their phones at wherever they’re supposed to be if they are going somewhere they don’t want their parents knowing. This just leads to an even more dangerous situation because if something does go wrong, then they don’t have their phones to contact anybody.

Additionally, if somebody gets kidnapped, I’m sure that the kidnapper would take the necessary precaution of throwing out the phone so they aren’t tracked. So really, the app doesn’t do much for safety.

Putting all the safety aspects aside, being tracked is simply an invasion of privacy. It’s unnerving to have somebody always know where you are and what you’re doing. It feels like somebody’s watching your every move, which is uncomfortable at the very least.

Rather than relying on a tracking app to tell them where their children are, parents should focus on building up trust so that their kids feel comfortable telling them the truth.