Iris Harshaw earns 2020 Sacramento scholarship

Davis senior penned census feature


Iris Harshaw of Davis Senior High was named the 2020 Sacramento Bee scholarship winner by Sacramento Bee Managing Editor Scott Lebar for her piece on the 2020 Census, “What the 2020 Census looks like in Yolo County.”

Lebar wrote that Harshaw “aced critical missions of such a story: She approached it by not only emphasizing the importance of the census, but by also noting the effort should have started earlier.

“She crafted her story through a local audience lens””

— Scott Lebar, Sacramento Bee

, she verified and validated through key local official comments, and she wrote clearly with a keen eye for organization and reader understanding. This is a polished piece, covering significant issues, from the need to start earlier, to priorities, to students’ misunderstandings (and hearing from them would have been even better great), to something missing in most census.”

Harshaw will receive a $1000 scholarship for her effort.