Perfect TV show, movies to watch during quarantine

If you’re going to watch, make it worthwhile

It’s tough to find ways to fill up your days when you’re practicing self-distancing during quarantine and even though you want to just sit back and enjoy something on the screen, it can be frustrating to scavenge for a show or a movie on Netflix that’ll fit the mood and dissolve your boredom at the same time.

So, to stay entertained while respecting the quarantine, here’s a list of shows and movies I found that are worthwhile and have definitely made me appreciate the world of film all the more.


1.“Moonlight” directed by Barry Jenkins premiered in 2016 yet it continues to stun critics and it still gives me goosebumps at the thought of the screenplay four years later. The movie follows the life of a black gay boy, Chiron, whose life is filled with inconveniences from the beginning and his solace in the relationships he’s created with his childhood friend, Kevin.

This movie has encapsulated more than just the misfortunes of a boy, it shows the American reality of poverty and crime while shining light on masculine toxicity. The movie truly has something for everybody to relate too so if you find yourself wanting to immerse yourself into a culturally-rich film, then this is the one to choose.

2.“The Duchess” directed by Saul Dibb came out in 2008 and it beautifully illustrates the adult life of the troubled Georgiana who’s known as the Duchess of Devonshire. She’s forced to marry an uninterested Duke who only cares for raising an heir, leaving Georgiana to nurse her 3 daughters without his support.

Georgiana is faced with many occurrences that would destroy any other person in her shoes, exemplifying the strength of females in power. The movie does an excellent job of demonstrating the way women are often mistreated and it is also historically accurate in both the mannerisms of the characters, as well as their fashion, and in the aesthetically staged settings.

This film is primarily classified as a drama but we do see a passionate affair take action between the Duchess and a young politician. So if the intensity is what you’re looking for, then grab a box of tissues and stream “The Duchess.”

3.“The Hangover” directed by Todd Phillips premiered in 2009 and it’s become a classic comedy. With iconic actors such as Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong, and even Mike Tyson, this film creatively and colorfully depicts the common masculine stereotypes we’re familiar with.

The movie does nothing more than lighten up my mood every time I have hit play, it’s truly just entertaining and comedic so if that’s what you need at the moment, a good time, then this movie is the way to go.

TV Shows

  1. “Disenchantment” is an exclusive Netflix series created by Matt Groening with 2 seasons. It is an animated and comedic take on the life of a princess living in a fictional medieval kingdom called Dreamland. The tumultuous princess, Teabeanie, makes friends with a mouthy demon and an innocent elf and the three overcome the kingdom’s greatest obstacles.

This show outlines the importance of friendship and more importantly, it’s hilarious. Teabeanie constantly stirs up trouble with her father and the kingdoms dumb-witted council which makes for a lighthearted series.

  1. “100 Humans” produced by Shed Media US is an educational series that answers society’s greatest questions through experimenting with a focus group of 100 people. It dives deep on topics regarding human instincts and tendencies with experiments that are safe and fun.

The show invites professionals, such as doctors and psychologists, to academically describe the outcomes of the experiments. The realness and originality of the show are what encapsulates viewers. Plus, it’ll feel good to learn something new rather than mindlessly flipping through other programs.

  1. “Feel Good” produced by Mae Martin is a semi-autobiographical comedy-drama that follows the life of a recovering addict who struggles to maintain her relationship with her new girlfriend. Its raw captures of the unique pressures on navigating sexuality and addiction is portrayed tastefully and it emphasizes the importance of self-help in the sense that you have to be the most reliable person in your life, which can be a bitter awakening.

This show made me laugh and cry in just one season, which is not common for me. It’s modern, it’s fresh and it’s deeply personal.

According to Netflix, an average of 570 hours are spent on the application from each account subscribed so if we’re going to be putting so much time towards TV shows and movies, why not make them be ones we’ll greatly enjoy.

So sit back and stream while you practice social distancing!