Unexpected break from life

Hard to control feeling abut staying inside

Browsing through pointless websites one random Friday afternoon in my last period for the day; I know I was supposed to be working on an assignment but I couldn’t help being distracted by the constant media updates on the recent pandemic. “What if our school actually closed down due to the coronavirus? How dumb would that be,” I said. As I was still distracted by the Buzzfeed article I was reading, I received a text from my friend that school was going to be shut down temporarily for a three-day weekend. Excited I was, yet that soon changed.

The first weekend seemed to be the start of a really nice break. School’s off early, what else could be better than this? I was wrong and apparently delusional at the time because it went downhill from there. Receiving news later Saturday night that school was going to be canceled for four weeks sucked, but later on Monday, we found out that stores and weekend activities were going to start closing Tuesday due to a local law being implemented. This was the end of the supposed new beginning, of just hanging with friends and sleeping until 11 AM, which majorly sucked.

As of now, I thought I could control my feelings about having to stay inside, yet they have taken over me. The thought of having to distance myself from friends and family was and still is hard for me. I have found new ways to distract myself for hours within television shows, but not being able to go outside much is hard, especially coming from an extreme extrovert. COVID-19 not only affected my senior year but affected my well-being. The loss in motivation by doing nothing, confidence being lost by gaining weight, and soon becoming mildly depressed by doing the same thing over and over again.

However, I have not let that come in-between who I was before this whole incident happened. To prevent all these feelings, I have to remember that I am loved, this is only a little bit of my life yet to come that is being affected, and to stay safe. Talking has definitely helped cope with the feelings I’ve had, and I cannot stress enough on making sure people with problems on this pandemic. Even though this period of time has affected me both negatively and positively, I know that staying inside as much as possible and keeping up my health is only going to make this era go by faster because sooner than later, this will just be a moment in the past that we can say we recovered from.

Please stay inside and keep up personal hygiene so we can overcome this time together and become stronger for the future.