Holding Trump accountable

People seeking harm, to kidnap congresspeople and break into the capitol building, are rioters

Pro-Trump rioters were able to break into the Capitol building in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6. While each individual is responsible for their own actions, former president Trump’s hand in allowing this to happen is so prominent that he must be held accountable politically and socially.

It’s hard to say where to start, but starting with Aug. 15, 2017, when Trump answers a reporter saying both sides are to blame for violence at the Unite the Right protest, but there are also “fine people, on both sides.”

The event was to protest taking down a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee and bringing together those of the political right. It ended up bringing out white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. Many had flags with Confederate and Nazi symbols.

This included former Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke who said he was there to “fulfill promises of Donald Trump,” In other words, a white supremacist believes he can fulfill what the former president promised.

In the counter-protest of the Unite the Right, many showed up in support of taking down the statue. A person of the Unite the Right protest ended up driving a car through a crowd of counter-protesters, injuring many.

Yet Donald Trump believes there were “fine people on both sides.” Neo-Nazis and those who no longer wanted a statue of a General who helped fight for slavery.

He has done this multiple times — not denouncing violent actions that were performed by white supremacists on his behalf. On Sept. 29, 2020, during the presidential debate, Trump tells Proud Boys, a white supremacist group, to “stand back, stand by” as if they are his army and he’s the commander.

Why would they need to “stand by”? Maybe for the “Trump Army,” he tried to recruit during a campaign recruitment email sent on June 4. The email told recipients if they enlist in the Trump Army, they will be the ex-president’s “first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB.”

As the people of the United States, seeing a man who held power throw a tantrum because he lost, people must hold him accountable by acknowledging what he has done to incite violence and talking about what led up to the dangerous attack on the nation’s Democracy.

People must use correct diction when talking about those events on Capitol Hill. Not only is calling them “protesters” a laugh at protestors who want to afflict real change based on fact, it is incorrect.

People seeking harm, to kidnap congresspeople and break into the capitol building, are rioters.

People must recognize how Trump’s word choice and actions have led to his Trump Army attacking the nation’s capital. He must be held accountable and there must be an acknowledgment of his part in inciting violence.