Holiday movies help lift spirits in cold months

Netflix a great source for streaming


Since it looks like we are going to be locked up for the holidays be sure to check out Netflix. It has many Christmas movies to choose from during these cold, rainy days which can get everyone in the holiday spirit, even during these tough times in quarantine. Whether you’re looking for animation, horror, or a nostalgic classic, Netflix gives the viewer a plethora of holiday excitement.

First on the list is everyone’s favorite animation, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2018). There is also the live-action classic called The Grinch. Both of these movies show how much the Grinch despises Christmas and how all he wants is some peace and quiet during the holiday season while his holiday spirited neighbors in Whoville decide to make it a bright and festive Christmas. The Grinch soon realizes that to get his peace and quiet he has to pose as Santa Claus to steal, and quiet, the Whos’ holiday spirit.

One of my all-time favorite comedy Christmas movies is Bad Moms Christmas  (2017). During the holidays three moms come to find how difficult Christmas is, especially when their moms come to town surprisingly, making Christmas a chaotic mess. These three moms come together to defeat the holiday obstacles to make Christmas a holiday to remember for their kids.

The Holiday Calendar is a 2018 Christmas romantic comedy that shows the insight of an antique Advent calendar which a girl inherits from her grandfather that seems to predict photographer Abby Reilly’s future and up-and-coming love life. Soon she realizes the calendar is magical.

C.K. McClatchy senior Aaliyah Boyd has many favorite Netflix Christmas movies, but her top favorite is “The Princess Switch.” She loves how it incorporates Christmas and love, her two favorite things.

Watching some of these movies it will definitely put you in the holiday spirit! Time to make your popcorn and cocoa and enjoy these movies with your family and friends. Have a happy and safe Covid free holiday!