New Sam Smith album: Play or pass

Easy to listen to, heavy on collaboration

Sam Smith released a new album on Oct. 29. The album, Love Goes, is made up of 17 easy to listen to tracks. It also features other well-known artists such as Normani, Demi Lovato, Labrinth, and Burna Boy.

The album opens up with “Young,” a soft, melodic song. The song focuses on Smith’s vocals, rather than any sort of background music. Opening songs are important because they set the tone for the album.

The first half of Love Goes is filled with upbeat songs like “Diamonds” or “So Serious.” These songs fall under the pop genre but are filled with techno influences. The beginning of Love Goes will have listeners dancing along with the playfully exuberant songs.

Smith’s creation then takes an unexpected turn. Once “For the Lover That I Lost” plays, the songs lose the upbeat vibe they had in the first half. The songs that play later in the album can be described as melancholic and soulful.

One of the key differences is that the second part of the album has songs that are played with a piano, whereas the beginning songs use electronic instruments

Songs like “Forgive Myself” and “Breaking Hearts” bring up similar themes such as heartbreak, longing, and past reflection.

One of my favorite lyrics throughout the album appears in “Breaking Hearts.” Smith sings,  “while you were busy breaking hearts I was busy breaking, I was giving all my love you were busy taking.”

Lyrics like this really make the album shine. Smith has carefully built this album over multiple years, finetuning every detail.

Even though this album has some beautiful songs, I do have one complaint. Love Goes lacks a central focus. The beginning and end of the album make it seem like two different records.

The beginning is filled with upbeat dance songs, and the end consists of sad, sweet breakup songs. If I could change one thing about this album, I would rearrange the songs so that the happier songs are more intermixed with the sadder ones.

Regardless of the song order, it is undeniable that this album was enjoyable. The songs range from soul-baring to mellow and bright. Love Goes wasn’t unexpected from Sam Smith; it fits in perfectly with his past albums. If you’re looking for an album to dance then cry to, Love Goes is what you need.