Lana Del Rey: New Single, Old Scandals

Singer returns to smooth, dreamy sound


“Let Me Love You Like a Woman” is a new song released by Lana Del Rey on Oct 16. The song is the first single from her upcoming album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club.

The single has many similarities to Del Rey’s previous works, Norman F*****g Rockwell and Lust for Life.

Lana Del Rey is known for her ethereal, yet melancholic vocals. A similar sound is especially noticeable in her 2017 album Lust for Life. Within Lust for Life and “Let Me Love You Like a Woman,” her voice takes on a smooth, dreamy sound.

The instrumentation is quite similar to another album of her’s, Norman F*****g Rockwell. The fact that Norman F*****g Rockwell album as well as Chemtrails Over the Country Club has the same producer, Jack Anatoff, could be why they sound so similar.

Other well-known albums that Jack Anatoff produced include both Taylor Swift’s Folklore and Reputation.

The producer isn’t the only thing that reveals what listeners can expect from the upcoming album. The lyrics of “Let Me Love You Like a Woman” disclose much about the story Del Rey is planning to tell.

For example, she sings, “Let me love you like a woman, let me hold you like a baby.” The connection she makes between her lover and a baby shows that she could be taking on a more mature role in the relationship.

This is not what listeners would expect from Del Rey when looking back at her past lyrics and songs.

In her song “Brooklyn Baby” from her 2014 album, Ultraviolence, she sings, “They say I’m too young to love you.” She goes on to sing about a relationship with a seemingly older and more dominant man.

When comparing this to “Let Me Love You Like a Woman,” there is an obvious difference surrounding the dynamics of the relationships she sings about. This can be expected, when looking at how much Lana Del Rey has changed since 2014.

This year was particularly different for Ms. Del Rey. She was involved in multiple scandals ever since her “Question for the Culture,” posted on May 21.

In the post, she complains about being criticized for glamorizing abuse. Del Rey brings up multiple prominent women in the music industry such as Doja Cat, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj.

Del Rey says that feminism should not be supporting these powerful, dominant women any more than a passive woman like herself. She says that “there has to be a place in feminism for women who look and act like me”.

By this, she was referring to a more delicate, fragile woman. However, this was not the way that the post was viewed by many. Because the majority of women she listed are people of color, the post was seen in a completely different way than Del Rey claims she intended.

The reason that this post was not received well was that there has always been a place for white women, such as Lana Del Rey in feminism. In comparison, artists like Nicki Minaj have not only faced sexism in the music industry, but also racism.

Many saw Del Rey’s post as ignorant and insensitive to the struggles that black women face their entire lives.

This post was not the only thing that Del Rey has been slammed for. She was also in a long term relationship with police officer Sean Larkin. With all of the recent support for the Black Lives Matter movement, numerous people have begun to speak out against police brutality.

This creates a lot of backlash against police and the racially unjust law system. Because of this, many Del Rey fans have had a problem with her past relationship with Larkin.

The most recent scandal that Lana Del Rey has been involved in, involves her not wearing a proper mask while meeting up with fans She has been spotted on Instagram wearing a mesh mask to a fan book signing.

The mask is made up of a fish net-like material. If a mask is filled with large gaps like that, it cannot protect people from COVID-19. Fans have spoken out against Del Rey, warning her to wear a more protective mask. After this, she has been seen on Instagram wearing safer masks with more coverage.

With all of these recent affairs, Del Rey’s name has filled the headlines. This has also caused her to lose support from some of her oldest fans. With these scandals in mind, no one knows how the public will receive her upcoming album.

However, regardless of how one feels about Lana Del Rey’s behavior, the majority of listeners can agree that her new single was soulful, lyrically brilliant, and filled with memorable melodies.

If the rest of Chemtrails Over the Country Club can match the ambiance created by “Let Me Love You Like a Woman,” listeners can prepare for a new, mature sound from Del Rey with hints of nostalgia from her past works.