Artist seeks giving others voice

Cordova student often starts with photo capture

Ahlina Smart, Cordova High School

When deciding what or who to incorporate in my pieces I take inspiration from everywhere. 

My name is Ahlina Smart and I’m a senior at Cordova High School. 

When I see something that catches my eye, I either take a picture of it with my phone or make a mental picture in my head. This way, later on I can incorporate the image that I saw into my artwork.

Other times I find people with features that I find intriguing on social media and incorporate them in a way but most of the time when I draw or paint people it is straight from my imagination. I start with the shape of the head and the eyes, from there I play with and add more strokes and lines until I create a face that fits right in my mind. 

My pieces often unintentionally reflect the state of my mind and the people around me or just the point I’m in, in my life.

 With my art, I eventually want to make a career and hope to travel the world illustrating the people and cultures I meet, and even use my art as a voice for those who don’t have one and speak up for what I am passionate about and believe in. In the meantime, I use art as an outlet to relax myself and relieve my anxiety.