NFL with no fans

Football without fans is a completely different game

This year’s NFL season is going to be really weird but there still will be a season so that is good but the huge problem is that there will be no fans in the stadium.

We know that the pandemic has affected everyone, even sports, so the NFL are trying their best to keep their players and their fans safe, so for now there will be no fans at games. All the coaches at the games are supposed to have masks so they are less likely to get the virus, but already there has been five coaches on five different teams that have been fined by the NFL for having masks but not wearing them and I understand why they did it because most of those coaches are older men so the last thing they want is to catch the virus and bring it to their families.

I talked to some of my family members like my mom (Rita) who is a huge Raiders fan and my dad (Richard) who is a huge Steelers fan. They both told me that they kind of don’t like that there are no fans at the stadiums because they think that fans play a big role in football games and I think so too, but they understand why the NFL is doing it because they don’t want the season to stop all of a sudden because someone on a team, player or coach gets the virus and spreads it to others and people get it and some might even die from it.

They also said that the cardboard cutouts of fans and recorded crowd noise help with there not being no fans but it just isn’t the same.  I also talked to my brothers Raymond and Joe and they understand what the NFL is trying to do. They just hope that no one on the field will get the virus and the season will be postponed.

So overall this NFL season is going to be really strange but a lot of fans including myself are happy that the season can start and that we can just watch some football even with though this horrible Covid 19 has affected everyone and the best we can do is wear a mask, social distance from one another and stay safe.

Unfortunately teams like the New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos, and New York Jets have players who have tested positive for Covid 19. Most of those teams had to postpone their games because they had positive tests, let’s hope that something bad doesn’t happen to the players on these teams that have the virus and that they are all being safe.