Actual clubs on virtual campus?

Struggling to keep traditions alive from a distance

What happened to the clubs on the John F. Kennedy campus? As school remains closed, Kennedy students are taking a new approach on the continuation of clubs on campus.

Even during these unprecedented times, schools are finding new and innovative ways to continue educating students for their academic success. While schools have gotten online learning mostly figured out through Zoom, there still remains a question for the clubs that were on campus. Have they been canceled? If not, how are they managing to keep it functioning?

Caren Tritt, vice president of the dance group Vibe in Promo, states, “we are doing online [dance] classes three times a week for about an hour after classes are finished for the day,” consisting of teaching drills and dance moves. Tritt said they also do a small group activity every week where two people design a choreography and post it on their Instagram account.

Though it may seem like they have it figured out, Tritt says the opposite. “Not everyone can [join] certain days [and there are] technical issues…communication [also] gets harder depending on the person and situation.” Jillian Yee, Junior and webmaster of the Key Club, also mentions the technical struggles of virtual clubs. “We were not able to carry out events very smoothly through zoom. [Members] were also not very interactive…so we [had] to figure out how to keep everyone engaged.” Despite these changes, however, the Key Club is still offering volunteer opportunities and encouraging members to join and attend division and regional events through zoom.

Even clubs such as MESA, a STEM club led by Yasmin Henry, a science teacher at John F. Kennedy, also uses Zoom to communicate and do projects. Students are not able to interact with–or even see– each other face to face as they prefer to keep their cameras off during meetings. However, they continue to meet weekly after school, and continue to work hard towards competitions and at workshops hosted by UC Davis. They will continue to keep everything virtual even when schools open back up.

Despite social distancing procedures, club leaders and advisers are working hard to keep their clubs alive.