Schedule jump from quarantine to distance learning

Sometimes it feels like school hasn’t started

To address the elephant in the room, school has already started. But do we students feel like it has?

Jumping from quarantine to distance learning hasn’t been easy for any students. It’s not like summer vacation. Since the quarantine has provided us a much more carefree yet lazy environment, it has been hard to shift or adjust to the new school life. On the other hand, students have been adjusting to distance learning just fine. I’ve talked to many John F. Kennedy High School students about their opinion on this and here’s what they had to say:

Keeping it neutral, senior Edson Saechao said, “My experience going to quarantine to school was pretty alright. I knew it was going to feel different as teachers got more time to get used to online schooling.” Students have adjusted to the new schedule the teachers have given us and believe the schedule the district made is terrible.

The schedule that the John F. Kennedy High School is similar to a block period. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the students attend their first period, third period and fifth period. Every Wednesday and Friday, the students attend their second period, fourth period and sixth period. And every Monday, the students at the John F. Kennedy High School has an asynchronous day where they fill out the work that’s been given to them by their teacher individually instead of in class.

It is completely different from what they had before. Before the quarantine, every student would attend all six classes throughout the day but now they only go to half of their classes every day.

Overall, Saechao has said that their experience has been good.

Senior Rosemary Quintana said, “The jump from quarantine to school has been nothing but absurd.”  Online schooling to students are just regular classes you can slack on.

“The schedule changes were stupid,” Quintana said, referring to the new schedule.

The student was upset with the school board as well as the teachers’ union because as much as they thought they were benefiting us, they didn’t bother to ask students how they felt, leaving the scheduling to the teachers. And the students? They felt that their education was just a game based on how unorganized everything was and how it was dealt with.

Similar to Quintana, junior Arianna King has found distance learning stressful. “I feel like it’s kind of takes a toll on me because of how stressful it is since we are expected to do even more on our own and not really rely on others,” King said. But she is staying positive and is hoping for the situation to get better.

Contrary to King, senior Athena Montoya has found distance learning working for her. “It’s so much more tolerable and I can focus on one thing at a time this way,” she says.

At first, she was skeptical but soon found herself to love it. She feels that distance learning has made it so she could work on her own time. She really enjoys the Google classroom feature since she could see what her assignments are and when it’s due.

The same goes for junior Nikita Sharma as she says, “I felt happy when quarantine started because school became a little bit easier.” She says that online school is still disorganized but has found it to be less stressful than going to school physically.

Overall, all students are struggling with adapting to distance learning. Some like it and some don’t. But in the end, we all have to be mindful of one another and remember that we’re all in this together.